The Gastro-Optic Cable Company
3D & 2D animation
9.5 minutes

The Gastro Optic Cable Company is a computer animation, including 3D and 2D approaches, accompanied by a soundscape and VoiceOver.

The animation consists of a fresco of creatures and objects that have grown on a wall, tangled together by bio-technical tubes. They survive on the energy from the tubes, which are both gastrointestinal tract and fibre optic cable.

The animation asks what kinds of frescos could ‘grow’ from the contemporary coming-together of networked technology, bio-matter, and myths. It asks how information spreads, and how it mixes with varied personal experiences.

Throughout the animation, each of the creatures and objects are isolated one by one. The VoiceOver and overlaid diagrammatic animations reveal a mix of information about the objects, along with fictional/non-fictional stories.

Installation views are from the exhibition ‘Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Apocalypse’ at LaVallée, Brussels, as part of Brussels Gallery Weekend 2022.