Ornithanthropon, and-on-and-on

2020, ongoing

Ornithanthropon 1480/2020/2022 — still. Featuring Giovanni Bellini, St. Jerome Reading in the Countryside, 1480-85 (extract).

Beginning with a 16th century illustration by Ulissee Aldrovandi, included in his 'Ornithologiae hoc est de avibus historiae libri XII' (1549), this project uses the ‘Harpy’ as character. Harpies tend to be bird/woman hybrids, although often include elements from other creatures, and have been written as personified storm winds, always placed in a derided position by histories of writers. Here, Harpies are voiced in opposition to this misrepresentation; taking them as referents to hybridity, able to talk across species & genre, and ultimately embodying a long-standing, continuing politic of ‘radical interconnectedness’.

The project is a combination of animation, motorised sculptures, text and audio.

Dialogues for Discoursing Harpies — Four page text booklet, renderings, and illustrations extracted from Ulisee Aldrovandi's 'Ornithologiae hoc est de avibus historiae libri XII' (1549).
Each line is spoken by one of several characters, except for those noted ‘all:’, which are spoken by all of them.

Documentation of Discoursing Harpies — 3D powder print, motors, programming, steel.
Harpy size: 15 x 24 x 10 cm. Support: 10 x 10 x 82 cm. 2020

In the fog
Group - with Sergei Zinchuk & Emma Tighe
RCA Gallery, Battersea, London, 2020

An exhibition around uncertainty, and alternatives routes of navigating within it. A collaboratively built structure housing a separate work by each artist.

3D powder print, motors, programming, rubber coil, plaster

                    Installation view - collaboratively built structure: wood, plastic film cable ties, weights