Arieh Frosh is an artist currently based in London.

I work via a cross-disciplinary approach, using writing, 3D computer animation, motorised sculptures, and film to form narrative-based projects. Some recent interests are around how technology, ecological and interspecies thinking can produce fictions that might question local contemporary conditions, and could form generative alternatives.

Since 2021, I have collaborated with artist Ed Compson, schoolchildren, university researchers, and focus groups on a series of socially engaged, technologically-driven projects. So far, this ongoing series of artworks, workshops, and research experiments has looked at the effect of wind energy discourse on imagination; the relationship between data and sound; and how we relate to the medically imaged body.

Together, we are currently East Gallery Fellows at Norwich University of the Arts. Our research considers how the meeting of contemporary offshore wind turbines with the geological history of Doggerland could be a tool to creatively explore the historical, cultural, and political narratives surrounding wind energy and oceanic thinking. The approach to this is through a responsive workshop practice, site visits, connections with archaeologists, filming, collaborative making and a varied technological practice.

I am also a Producer of the Digital Programme at The Photographers’ Gallery, which focuses on social, ecological, aesthetic and political issues arising from the photographic image in network culture. The programme works on computational photography, synthetic imaging, digital labour, machine vision, automation and the camera.

I am a graduate of the RCA, London and the University of Oxford.