Beta Slumping

An exhibition at Sexy Frog Biscuit that brings together two incidents of slumping, of failing to stay upright.

The first: based on a scene of dying Echium Pininana, and hinting at movements in plants, from phototropism, circumnutation, to localised networked communication. A series of motorised plant-like floor sculptures that twitch, and at times, shuffle. Their downward arcs have opened up another way of being, one that is connected and communicative. A de-verticalised autonomous shrubbery.

The second: custom branded cheese toasties recall a seizure-induced episode in an outdoor cafe. A bending backwards that counters the scene, and finds a way out of there.

Read the handout here.

Floor: silicone, pvc, motors, programming, clamps
Wall: laser engravings on aluminium composite - renders with adapted diagrams from the Darwins’ The Power of Movement in Plants - 48 x 45cm
Custom branded cheese toasties, booklet

Installation photos: Alexei Izmaylov