online, 2019

Visit for a collection of writings on 'ongoingness', housed in an animated version of Robert Hooke's drawing of a louse from Micrographia (1665).

The writing considers ‘ongoingness’ in relation to multispecies & transversing ideas, looking closely at the nature of linguistic traits such as loanwords. Louse has been chosen as subject due to its resistance to becoming a loanword, and several definitions of louse - such as ‘parasite’, ‘contemptible person’, ‘to spoil’ - have been used as figural ways in to consider that which continues, carries on, is ongoing.

Click on a section of the body of the louse to access each section of writing, and on superscript numbers in each section to view footnotes. There isn’t a prescribed order on the sections of writing that can be accessed.

Ongoingness is nonlinear, transversing, networked, a/multitemporal.