Flea Flicking, 2018/19 
Digital collage, vinyl print, and accompanying audio piece
on loanwords and misplaced sounds.

    Conditional Moth Game, 2020 lockdown A participatory, narrative-based role playing game around the concept of ‘mothballing’ - the prevention of deterioration through deactivation or storage, including through temporary governmental funding. Streamed on twitch and this is tomorrow

                                                                    Anthology of writing, performance, and images made in response
                                                                    to the 2019 redefinition of the unit of kilogram.

                                                                    Edited by Dasha Loyko, Károly Tendl and Andrea Khôra
                                                                    eBook and print edition of 150.
                                                                    262 pages

                                                            Skin Deep Magazine